Connecting Farms to Families

Farmers are struggling. Food is going to waste. Many families are hungry.
Let's help connect the dots in your area.

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What We Do

1. Organize

Local passionate volunteers

2. Fundraise

In the local community

3. Buy Excess

Foods from local farmers

4. Give Food

To local people in need

We're a growing community connecting local farms and families. We started in Lewis County, NY and are working expand to more areas and food delivery systems. Whether you're a farmer with excess foods, a food distributor, or would just like to volunteer to help run a program in your area, we can get you up and running.

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Our Story

In early April, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced restaurants and schools to shut down, and farmers were being forced to dump milk and throw out good food, one generous person in Lewis County, NY decided to buy eggs from a farm that were otherwise going to waste and donate them to the South Lewis school meal delivery program to get them to local families in need.

Supported by a generous community

Inspired to support our local farmers, prevent good food from going to waste, and get healthy foods to local families that need them, our wonderful community has risen to the cause and generously donated to our GoFundMe campaign to sponsor the addition of healthy, local farm foods to the South Lewis Central School meal delivery program.

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A passionate team

A team of school employees, farmers, agriculture experts and other volunteers formed to find local surplus farm foods and get them delivered to local families. A handful of tech and business experts from across the country also got involved through COVID Accelerator, putting technologies in place to make the process more efficient and help scale Farm to Community to more areas.

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Connecting the Dots

So far we've arranged deliveries of local milk, maple syrup, eggs, cheese sticks, and fresh produce to the families of the South Lewis Central School district. We were recently featured in the local Watertown Daily Times and are working on expanding the initiative to the Lowville, NY school district and other areas.

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Let's help more farmers and families

We need your help to grow Farm to Community to more meal delivery programs and regions

Whether you're a farmer with excess products to contribute, a food bank owner, or would just like to volunteer to help organize a program in your area, click below to join us and help connect more families with local, healthy foods.

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